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Ethanol(Alcohol) Earrings

Ethanol(Alcohol) Earrings

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An alcohol is any organic compound in which the hydroxyl functional group (–OH) is bound to a saturated carbon atom.The term alcohol originally referred to the primary alcohol ethyl alcohol (ethanol), the predominant alcohol in alcoholic beverages.

Ethanol occurs naturally as a byproduct of the metabolic process of yeast. As such, ethanol will be present in any yeast habitat. Ethanol can commonly be found in overripe fruit.

Alcohols have been found outside the Solar System where they can be found in low densities in star and planetary-system-forming regions of space.

Ethanol is thought to cause harm partly as a result of direct damage to DNA caused by its metabolites. It also causes intoxication, so please don't drink and drive!

  • Charm is 1 inch long


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